Industry automation

For customers, production process automation mostly means savings resulting from a reduction in the number or errors or timely error detection, increased capacities and productivity as well as elimination of employment positions involving strenuous work and the subsequent decrease of the human factor influence in the work process.

Alsing d.o.o.’s production range is focused on producing special and dedicated systems, machines and devices that can serve either as part of the production process or as independent elements. Since the products are adapted to the new or existing technology and the specific customer, they mostly cannot be repeated with complete exactness. The company’s own mechanical and electrical equipment design departments allow the company to produce devices and systems that are completely tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements, following the principle of a “functional turn-key” system.

  • Metal products industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Food industry
  • Paper and textile industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Automotive industry etc.

Process robotisation

Alsing d.o.o. is the authorised systems integrator for ABB robots.

Robotisation in industry is closely linked with production automation where robots are used to handle materials, products and other implements. Work process robotisation has a significant influence on the lowering of costs, increasing of capabilities and capacities as well as ensuring production quality. What is more, it can replace people where the work is difficult and harmful to health.

Company’s activity



Special and dedicated systems, machines and devices which can serve as part of a production process or as independent elements. Project design, development and production of lines and dedicated devices for production processes. Comprehensive solutions aimed at achieving better manufacturing productivity, reduction of standstills and errors, spatial optimisation and reduction of manufacturing time.