Automation in industry

Technological solutions, lowering of costs, increase in capacities, reduction of the number of errors and the influence of the human factor within the work process, worker-friendly place of employment etc.

Construction equipment

Project design, planning and production of individual sections or the entire technology necessary to produce concrete as well as manufacture and store concrete products.

Parking systems

The company manufactures and constructs top-quality parking systems, focusing especially on reliability and safety. Our services include everything from installation to start-up and maintenance.

Our common and constant aim is to win the trust of our customers by exceeding their expectations, and to build solid partnerships.

Alsing d.o.o.

The company’s core business activity involves project design, manufacture and automation of devices, machines and systems used in production processes. We offer comprehensive technological solutions intended for various industries, employing experts in designing mechanical and electrical equipment, steel structures as well as manufacturing software used to operate industrial equipment.

Alsing d.o.o. is the authorised systems integrator for ABB robots.

Robotisation in industry is closely linked with production automation where robots are used to handle materials, products and other implements. Work process robotisation has a significant influence on the lowering of costs, increasing of capabilities and capacities as well as ensuring production quality. What is more, it can replace people where the work is difficult and harmful to health.

Kovinar Novo mesto d.d., contractual partner for equipment manufacturing

The company manufactures all types of transport/storage equipment (belt, chain and roller conveyors, lifts and cranes, reloading devices, silos etc.) Other business activities carried out by the company include production of steel structures and metal pallets with their respective elements, and of custom-made metal products.

Alsing d.o.o.’s production range is focused on producing special and dedicated systems, machines and devices that can serve either as part of the production process or as independent elements. Since the products are adapted to the new or existing technology and the specific customer, they mostly cannot be repeated with total exactness. The company’s own mechanical and electrical equipment design departments allow the company to produce devices and systems that are completely tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements, following the principle of a “functional turn-key” system.

Alsing d.o.o.’s many years of experience guarantee state-of-the-art solutions in construction equipment. The company designs, plans and manufactures individual sections or entire technologies necessary to produce concrete as well as manufacture and store concrete products. In view of the increasing emphasis on environmental awareness, the company has also developed a recycling device that helps numerous companies to apply comprehensive solutions to the issues surrounding waste water, concrete and silt.

By collaborating with the ABE Group, the company also provides swift servicing and elimination of operational standstills across Slovenia and abroad. The Group’s organisation and the established business relationship enable the fastest possible interventions in the event of failure, thus allowing the work to continue on the very same day.

The production involving projects developed and implemented with renowned and tried-and-tested partners is well established. Due to our knowledge of an extensive selection of products from our range, the manufacturing process is smooth and coordinated down to the tiniest details. Given the fact that not everything can be produced using our own capacities, a good deal of the equipment, including technological equipment being installed in our complete products, is ordered from prominent manufacturers across Europe. Sales are focused on selling the entire product which comprises the design documentation as well as the end product, i.e. the technological product.

Alsing d.o.o. offers a wide spectrum of the latest car parking equipment ranging from simple car lifts to fully automated car parks.

Technological solutions

and drawing up of technical documentation

Equipment produced

in cooperation with tried-and-tested manufacturers

Assembly and start-up

with expert teams

Installing equipment

by renowned and reliable manufacturers