About us

The company’s core business activity consists of project design, implementation and automation of production processes, technological solutions and internal logistics systems. Alsing d.o.o. provides comprehensive and superior automation services that can be applied in various branches of industry.

  • Metal processing industry
  • Electrical processing industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industrya

Production range

The company’s production range is focused on producing special and dedicated systems, machines and devices that can serve either as part of the production process or as independent elements. Since the products are adapted to the new or existing technology and the specific customer, they mostly cannot be repeated with complete exactness. The company’s own mechanical and electrical equipment design departments allow the company to produce devices and systems that are completely tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements, following the principle of a “functional turn-key” system.

Company employees

The company employs experts in mechanical and electrical equipment, steel structures, system and device electrification and software used to operate industrial equipment. Our employees are distinguished by many years of experience as well as extensive knowledge complemented by the core values that underlie the company's operation.